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Welcome to ContemplAgeing!

What is ContemplAgeing? ContemplAgeing is entering the “sacred space” of the unique circumstances of your own aging in a contemplative way.  ContemplAgeing increases your attention to the spiritual and the sacred that is the ground of your whole life.  The way of ContemplAgeing enhances your spiritual development, deepens your spiritual life, and expands the fullness of life you are living.

Does this sound like you?

•    Are you wondering what is to come as you notice changes in your physical health?
•    Are you nearing the end of your career and beginning to ask yourself “Who am I. really?” and “What next?”
•    Are your priorities changing as you experience the loss of family, friends, and peers?

At the same time  .  .  .

•    Are you experiencing greater freedom to live as your responsibilities and demands subside?
•    Are you looking forward to creating a new life thanks to the wisdom of your lived experience?
•    Are the questions of life’s meaning and purpose becoming more important?

If so, please spend some time with us to discover the spiritual richness and opportunities that accompany your aging.  You may not believe it, but aging is filled with increased possibilities for personal and spiritual growth, no matter what your particular aging experience is.

So, if you can suspend your disbelief, join us. Discover the deeper meaning and purpose in life by becoming more aware of its ever present sacredness and spiritual dimension.

Our purpose is to offer a context and framework, education and training, to develop the capacity to “ContemplAge.”  Through the discipline and practice of “ContemplAgeing” your spiritual life will grow in accord with your own unique aging.

We will work with you to:

•    Explore the realities of your aging and their impact on your life
•    Examine the hard questions that these realities evoke
•    Envision the opportunities for spiritual growth that we discover
•    Enhance spiritual growth by instruction, spiritual practice, and direction

We at are prepared to work with anyone who appreciates the importance of integrating the spiritual into all aspects and times of life. To e-mail us go to our contact page.

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