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MSPP Seminar: Developing Clinical Competence to Work with Psycho-Spiritual Issues

Tonight, I am offering a seminar for the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in Boston, MA as part of a course entitled, “Spiritually-Oriented Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice.” The course is coordinated by John McDargh, PhD., an Associate Professor of Theology at Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA.

Psychology’s interest in spirituality has increased markedly in recent years.  As the field has begun to expand its originally narrow boundaries to capture the complexity of human experience across populations and world views, psychologists are increasingly called to consider and appreciate the complex roles that religion and spirituality play in their clients’ lives. 

Despite the increased attention given by the field of psychology to spiritual and religious issues, training in this area continues to be scarce and inadequate.  It is doubtful whether psychologists currently address the spiritual and religious needs of their clients adequately.

The purpose of this seminar is to enhance the competence of clinicians to address their clients’ religious and spiritual issues by developing greater awareness, knowledge, and skills.

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